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Custom Design, Made Easy

Augumenta Studio is a cloud-based tool that allows you to quickly build device-agnostic Augmented Reality applications using the SmartPanel or SmartAlert templates, libraries and control elements.

Elements are selected and dropped onto the template best suited for the application and types of smartglasses used. In just a few minutes developers have a ready-to-test application without writing a line of code.


Augment Your Control Interfaces with SmartPanel

Hardware-based and touch panel interfaces to industrial machines and medical devices need a large footprint and can be inflexible.

Augumenta Studio changes the paradigm in machine control, allowing organizations to present individual users with compact and changeable information and control displays that are more flexible, more reliable and more secure than current solutions.

And for IoT devices, which may be invisible to users in many work environments, the new display paradigm is a way to make controls accessible as needed.

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SmartAlert Optimizes Single Screen Viewing

Augumenta SmartAlert brings a customizable application environment to use cases where workers use monocular display smartglasses. The constrained viewing field of a single-eye display is used to flash alerts from data sources on the shop floor and provide access to simplified controls, including virtual keypads and control elements displayed on the palm of a user’s hand and controllable with simple gestures.

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Use our powerful SDK to bring even more of your AR ideas to life.

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