Keep your people informed about mission-critical data and alerts. The Augumenta SmartAlert application is designed to bring the right information at the right time to the people on the shop-floor and on the field. SmartAlert leaves your hands free to focus on the real tasks, and lets you to stay on the move across the production area - and stay informed.

Manufacturing made effective by connecting your workforce

  • Follow the KPIs you choose in your production process in real-time wherever you are
  • Flash alerts and notifications for the right people at the right time to warn about any frictions in operations
  • Interact with critical processes with simple virtual controls instantly available whenever needed

Speeding maintenance on the field

  • Fix the issues fast with instructions easily available and leaving hands free to focus on the work
  • Make sure all tasks get done and documented with tasklists

Training for future work

  • Access training videos on the shop-floor and by the equipment you need them with
  • Shoot an expert training video while you’re working
  • Get step-by-step instructions to guide you through new tasks
  • Call an expert to help

Improve productivity

Keep your workers always up-to-date

Minimize downtime

Solve problems proactively

Reduce mistakes

Let wearables guide their users

To learn more about SmartAlert Start here

SmartAlerts customizable application environment is optimized for monocular smartglasses and smartwatches. Monoculars bring the information into a display right in front of the user's eye. They leave your hands free and are integratable into safety gear, such as hardhats. Smartwatches are a familiar type of device for most users. They are extremely light and unobtrusive to wear and suitable for use cases where the amount of data needed is limited.

SmartAlert features On smartglasses On smartwatches
View real-time production parameters Yes (shown in front of user's eyes) Yes (when user checks his watch)
Receive alerts Yes Yes
View instructions and training materials Yes No
Control production machines Yes Limited
Call remote expert Yes No

If you’d like to know more, here’s a few articles to tell you more about SmartAlert, digitization, connecting the people on the shop floor and how to get started:

How to pilot SmartAlert? Start here

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