Hardware-based and touch panel interfaces to industrial machines and medical devices need a large footprint and can be inflexible. The Augumenta SmartPanel brings unprecedented flexibility and a new level of security to machine control.

Equipment in Industry 4.0 environments can present status to users and show only the controls needed to complete necessary operations. For added flexibility, Augumenta SmartPanel templates scale from a post card image to practically any size needed to accommodate specific machines and control panel layouts.

Get a free SmartPanel app from: ODG Reticle AppCenter or from Epson Moverio BT-300 Apps Market

Lower TCO

Augmented panels don't wear out over time, and don't need regular maintenance. This leads to lower total cost of ownership, with less required maintenance and no control or display component replacements needed.


Panels can be reconfigured and updated easily during machine lifecycles. Adding new features or changing panel layouts can be done with simple software.


Custom panel setups for different user groups; give machine operators a streamlined view of key functions and maintenance teams a comprehensive panel with access to machine setup parameters.


Users cannot be spied upon when operating. Smart glasses and software with secure network connection required to view data and access controls.

Unauthorized Person

Machine Operator

Machine Maintenance Worker

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