Augumenta Studio

Augumenta Studio is a cloud-based tool that allows developers to quickly build device-agnostic Augmented Reality applications using pre-built application templates and libraries that include control elements, meters and gauges, virtual surface tools, and gesture-control motions.

Elements are selected and dropped onto the template best suited for the application and types of smartglasses used. In just a few minutes developers have a ready-to-test application.

It’s that easy. Just choose controls and instruments and define data sources. Augumenta Studio will support industrial protocols and IoT platforms such as ThingWorx and others. There’s no need for manual coding to access data sources, build links to application platforms, and integrate gesture and voice commands for user interaction.

Augumenta Studio changes the paradigm in machine control, allowing organizations to present individual users with compact and changeable information and control displays that are more flexible, more reliable and more secure than current solutions.

And for IoT devices, which may be invisible to users in many work environments, the new display paradigm is a way to make controls accessible as needed.

Application Driven

Template designs range from small displays visible in smartglasses to stereoscope images appearing on panels of virtually any size.

What You See Is What You Get

Widgets seen in Augumenta Studio are identical to what’s experienced on smartglasses. Create your UI in seconds by simply dragging elements in place.

Device Agnostic

The Augumenta Studio and application templates operate on all commercially available smartglass platforms.


Connect with sensors, machines, and IoT platforms using standard protocols such as MQTT and OPC UA.

Built for Teamwork

Share your designs with team members easily and reuse elements created by them.

Instant Deployment

A single mouse click is all that’s needed to move your design from Augumenta Studio to a smartglass of your choice.

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